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How to Keep Your Water Coolers Safe

Learn water cooler safety tips you need to apply before quenching your thirst.
What you need to know about Canada’s WHMIS

Canada's newly modified WHMIS 2015 has been delayed... but do you know why? Learn what the new transitional timeline is here.
Show Off Your Commitment to Safety!

Safe+Sound Week is happening right now! Are you ready to show off your commitment to safety by signing up and/or creating a "best in class" safety program? Learn more here.
It’s National Safety Month - Are You All In?

Safety is more than just a word - it's a way of life! This June, the NSC is taking a stand to eliminate preventable deaths from occurring at work and home. Are you all in?
Are You Breaking OSHA’s Safety Ladder Rules?

Ouch! Follow OSHA's twelve ladder safety rules and avoid serious injuries at all cost.
Top Priority on Construction Site-Fall Protection

More falls take place during the summer months, that's why it's critical to learn fall protection safety tips to keep construction workers, especially roofers, safe!
How to Benefit from a 5S Audit

Checking the effectiveness of 5S in your business starts with an easy three-step 5S audit.
Why You Need an Effective Tool Tethering Policy

Keep tools in the hands of those that need them! Eliminate struck by falling object injuries and wasting money on replacing parts with an effective tool tethering policy.
OSHA Update: Final Rule on Beryllium Exposure

Every year, approximately 62,000 workers are exposed to the harmful effects of beryllium. Now is the time to comply with OSHA's new Final Rule on Beryllium exposure and protect your workers!
KPI – Do You Track Key Business Objectives?

Reach your business goals by tracking specific targets on KPI Boards.
Total Pro with Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Be a total pro and reduce equipment breakdowns by implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). TPM is the SMART choice for improving productivity and quality at your workplace.
How to Protect Your Workers From OSHA's Fatal Four

Prevent OSHA's fatal four from occurring on your jobsite by keeping these safety tips top of mind.
OSHA Update: Delay of Silica Standard

OSHA expects employers to be proactive and continue to protect employees from Silica, even though the enforcement was delayed.
Emergency Action - How Safe Are Your Exits?

Are your emergency exits easily accessible and egress routes safe? Evaluate the safety features of your exits before an emergency occurs with simple steps provided by OSHA.
Hard Hat Sticker Info You Need to Know!

Reward your construction workers with hard hat labels - and ensure they're applying them the right way!
Is Your Facility Ready for Severe Weather Season?

Don't wait until an emergency occurs! Be prepared with an evacuation plan and ensure your workers can locate shelter rooms.
10 Best Tips for Work Zone Safety

When you're driving through a work zone, protect construction workers from serious injuries with these safety tips.
Why You Need a No Smoking Policy Now!

Many businesses are catching onto the negative effects of smoking and creating company-wide no smoking policies. Don't miss out on all the benefits of a smoke-free workplace.
April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

You can help create safer roads and highways by encouraging your employees to pledge to drive alert, not distracted! Keep them safe with No Texting While Driving signs and labels!
Are Workers Wearing the Right PPE?

Who determines the PPE you wear will actually protect you and your workers? Learn the steps that identify PPE standards and ensure you have the right PPE for the job.
OSHA Update - Improve Tracking of Injuries

OSHA's Final rule requires employers to submit OSHA injuries and illnesses electronically. Will this new way of tracking reduce work-related injuries and illnesses?
Breakthrough Story - Just Prove Yourself!

This March we'd like to recognize our Director of Plant Operations, Stephanie Adams.
How much do workplace injuries really cost?

Serious injuries in the workplace could sink your business. Estimate the financial impact of injuries and illnesses with a FREE program.

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