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5S Workplace Organization

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Increase organization and productivity at your workplace with 5S Workplace Organization products. With 5S Workplace Organization, businesses thrive because they maintain an organized atmosphere. Support an orderly, visual workplace where standardized procedures improve productivity, quality, safety, and worker attitudes.

The 5S methodology provides the foundation for any effective lean program in the workplace and can be accomplished through 5S Workplace Organization.

Accomplish your goal of creating a Lean 5S Workplace with, Store-Boards™ - organize your tools, supplies, equipment, and materials, Site-Boards™- display KPIs or report on lean/kaizen activities, Shadow-Wrap™ Pegboards, PPE Dispensers and Identification, and Quality Control Products. Remember - A place for everything… and everything in its place!

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5S/Lean: A Deep Dive
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 - 5S Red Tags
As Low As$0.60EA.
Pack OF 25
 - TPM Inspection Sheet Pad
As Low As$11.68
 - TPM Tags: Opportunity Tag
As Low As$17.32
 - 6S Banner: 6S Workplace
As Low As$89.71
 - 5S Site-Board™ Tapes
As Low As$14.82
 - Quality Safety Sign: Hold
As Low As$8.31
 - Pegboard Hanging Hardware
As Low As$0.44
 - Dry-Erase Markers: Eraser
As Low As$7.44
As Low As$29.31
As Low As$29.31
As Low As$29.31
 - Safety Sign: Suggestion Box
As Low As$13.53
 - Pegboards
As Low As$23.63
 - Label Card Sleeve Holders
As Low As$36.11
 - Tag Pouch: Clear Plastic
As Low As$0.94