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Barricade Tape

Whether you're looking for a temporary solution to warn people away or provide a permanent barricade solution, Barricade Tapes are made to fit different environments. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines barricade as an obstruction to deter the passage of persons or vehicles. Barricade Tapes provide an economical way to effectively section-off potentially dangerous areas at hazard zones, construction sites, and traffic control areas.

Plastic Barricade Tapes are a temporarily solution to quickly and effectively barricading areas. Woven Barricade Tapes provide extra-strong, durable and weather-resistance for repeated, durable outside use. Barrier tapes are available in a variety of effective OSHA approved colors for your safety communication needs.

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 - Plastic Barricade Tape: Danger [CASE]
As Low As$10.66EA.
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 - Plastic Barricade Tape: Caution [CASE]
As Low As$10.66EA.
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 - Barricade Tape Dispenser
As Low As$59.47
 - Barricade Take-Up Reel
As Low As$65.06
 - Woven Barricade Tape: Red
As Low As$50.45
As Low As$7.66
 - Plastic Barricade Tape: Red
As Low As$25.68