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Construction Lockout Tagout

Prevent serious injuries from occurring when workers are servicing or performing maintenance on machines or equipment with Construction Lockout Tagout. Failure to lockout hazardous energy accounts for nearly 10 percent of serious accidents, per OSHA. Construction Lockout Tagout products prevent unauthorized users and safeguard workers from hazardous situations that could be avoided. Use Construction Lockout Tagout to compliment your lockout/tagout program as described by OSHA.

Ensure all equipment and machinery is properly disabled and locked out with Construction Lockout Tagout. With Construction Lockout Tagout you can prevent workers from using unauthorized items on the jobsite, such as, defective tools, ladders, and vehicles. Construction Lockout Tagout offer solutions for securing various items and are durable for tough, abusive environments.

Products: 1-40 of 40
 - Potable Water Cooler Tape
As Low As$10.95
 - Portable Group Lockout Box
As Low As$100.93
 - OSHA Danger Lockout Tag: Equipment Locked Out
As Low As$0.60EA.
Pack OF 25
 - Look 'n Stop Group Lock Box
As Low As$77.84
 - OSHA Danger Lockout Tag: Do Not Start
As Low As$0.60EA.
Pack OF 25
 - OSHA Danger Safety Tag: Do Not Close
As Low As$0.60EA.
Pack OF 25
 - Scissor-Lok™ Cable-Hasps
As Low As$24.99