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Prevent the unexpected start of machines and equipment by following proper lockout/tagout procedures. Use Hasps to alert others that equipment has been temporarily disabled or shut-off, and keep it from stating up again. With Hasps you can avoid hefty OSHA fines for not using lockout/tagouts and ensure your employees are safe.

Hasps provide an ideal solution to locking out equipment and machinery. Ensure the energy source stays locked-out by asking your employees to put their padlock through the hole of the closed hasp. Secure Hasps can lockout up to 12 padlocks and equipment should not be restarted until all padlocks have been removed by workers. Use a variety of STOPOUT® Hasps, Loop Hasps, Steel Hasps, Aluminum Hasps, Group Lock Hasps, or customize your own Steel Hasp to eliminate hazards from unauthorized users.

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