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ID Tags

Identification Tags are used for a wide selection of identification applications. Tagging is a practical way to identify, protect and control your assets and equipment. You can conveniently mark machines, equipment, pipes, tools, and valves.

Energy Source identification tags are ideal for machine-specific procedures that can be easily identified. Metal tags are used for tough environments and are virtually indestructible. Perma-Black™ Stainless Steel Numbered Tags withstand industrial temperatures and chemically harsh atmospheres. Plastic tags are great for color-coded options. Accu-Ply™ tags are engraved for use in outdoor and other tough conditions.

Effortlessly personalize your tag by stamping on characters, applying permanent markers directly on blank tags or by ordering a completely customized tag to identify your valuables.

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 - Lock-style Nylon Ties
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 - Beaded Nylon Ties
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 - Accessories: Stainless Steel Wire Ties
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 - Metal-Lite Tags
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 - Safety Tag: Gasoline
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 - Numbered Brass ID Tags
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 - Safety Tag: Gas/Oil Mix
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 - Safety Tag: Diesel Fuel
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 - Tag Accessories: Nylon Zip Ties
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 - Safety Tag: Kerosene
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 - Soft Aluminum Tags
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 - Accessories: #6 Beaded Chain
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 - Brass
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 - Accessories: #16 Jack Chain
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 - ID Tags: Split Key Rings
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 - Blank Accu-Ply™ Tags
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 - Nylon Ties: Release Style (Black)
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Pack OF 100
 - Soft-Foil Aluminum Tags
As Low As$19.93
 - Self-Locking Nylon Ties
As Low As$1.08