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Security Seals

Ensure that your trailers, box cars, containers, bins, drums, and tool boxes are safe from unauthorized persons with Security Seals. Prevent access to lockout items with a one-way style lock with randomly started sequential numbering. Security Seals keep out access with a single-use lock device, ideal for quick and temporary shutdowns, turnarounds, and facility lockout.

Security Seals can only be removed when the tag seal is broken, making it tamper-evident. Keep the integrity of your Security Seals by inspecting the sequential numbering of the lock and documenting it. Use Security Tag Seals to prevent access with a strong, 110 lb breaking strength. Plastic Loop Seals are brightly colored loop around locks that have an 80 lb breaking strength. Security Seals are available in various colors, styles, and sizes. Customized Security Seals are available for your convenience.

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